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GlobalFit's low-cost high-touch fitness technology solutions for the modern consumer, GlobalFit Anywhere and Gym Network 360...

Why employers & insurers choose to offer fitness benefits:

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Attract and retain employees and members

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Offer flexibility to your diverse population

Reduce administrative burden by relying on GlobalFit's network of providers


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GlobalFit Anywhere

GlobalFit Anywhere is a contemporary fitness app that gives employees and insurance members access to virtual and in-person studio classes, open gym time and personal training sessions, in addition to free on-demand content and curated workouts from top fitness brands in a variety of formats.

GFA Mobile Views
  • Employer Sponsored Promotions

  • Exclusive Pricing

  • Charity Classes

  • Pay-as-you-Go

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • No Membership Fees

  • Live In Person & Virtual Classes

  • Free On Demand Content

  • Access to Personal Trainers And Select Gyms

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Gym Network 360

Gym Network 360 is a curated wellness marketplace that offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products from gym memberships, to virtual subscriptions in Nutrition, Fitness, Pre and Post Natal, Health Coaching and Mindfulness. Gym Network 360 consumers gain access to best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

GN360 General Views
  • Thousands Of Gyms Nationwide

  • Exclusive Member-only Pricing

  • Variety Of Membership Options

  • Virtual Subscriptions Across 5 Wellness Categories

  • Flexible Benefits, Such As Freeze And Transfer

  • Insurance-funded Telenutrition


To learn more about these fitness benefits, Contact Us. If you already have fitness benefits through your employer or insurer, you can access them through our Member Login.