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We educate and empower consumers to utilize their no-cost or low-cost preventive insurance benefits through technology; encouraging consumers to invest in their own health and wellness.


Wellness solutions that meet the unique needs of your population

Most wellness solutions are too expensive and too complicated to meet the diverse and budget constrained wellness needs of the contemporary employer and insurer. GlobalFit delivers a flexible, cost-effective, white-labeled and customizable à la carte menu of wellness solutions in a corporate wellness market saturated with inflexible, prix fixe offerings.

How can I lower chronic disease and health risk for my population?

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Overweight people experience a two-to threefold elevation of risk as opposed to those who maintain a healthy weight. By implementing healthy eating programs, you can help prevent, delay and manage risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

How do I motivate my employees to live a healthy lifestyle?

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40% of eligible employees report they live a healthier lifestyle because their employer rewards them for doing so. By incentivizing employees to participate in healthy activities, you will have happier and more satisfied employees.

With such a diverse population, how can I choose just one fitness partner?

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73% of employers offer physical activity programs/fitness discounts. By delivering low-cost, high value fitness solutions that provide flexibility in choice, employees are more likely to engage and utilize these benefits.

I want to motivate my population to move more and be more present.

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Meditation combined with movement can increase employee productivity by 120%. By offering employees a way to reduce stress and anxiety, you can boost energy and focus among your workforce.

weight balance  NUTRITION

  • 1-on-1 Registered Dietitian Services
  • 99% delivered via Telehealth
  • Insurance Covered and Private Pay Options
  • Nutrition Seminars and Cooking Demos
  • HIPAA Compliant Platform

Hand holding coin  REIMBURSEMENT

  • Global Capabilities
  • GDPR & ePrivacy Compliant Platform
  • Flexible Eligible Expense Reimbursement
  • Activity Goal Tracking and Device Integration
  • Distribution through ACH, Rewards Card
    or Payroll

weight  FITNESS

  • Free On-Demand Content and Curated Workouts
  • Access to Virtual and In-Person Studio Classes, Gym Day Passes and Personal Training Sessions
  • Discounts to Thousands of Gyms Nationwide
  • Discounted Virtual Fitness Subscriptions, Wellness Coaching and Nutrition


  • Listening and Movement Challenges
  • Corporate Communications and Education
  • Robust Content Library
  • Featured Content
  • Device Integration

GlobalFit's Curated Marketplace

GlobalFit is a b2b2c curated marketplace offering both proprietary and partner wellness solutions spanning nutrition, reimbursement, fitness and mindfulness.

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CHARGE provides insurance-funded and private pay evidence based telenutrition and on-site services delivered by Registered Dietitians. CHARGE works 1-on-1 with each individual to customize a program that meets their health goals, individual needs and lifestyle.

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GFR logo

GlobalFit Rewards is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that reimburses employees and insurance members for participating in wellness activities and for investing in their own health. GlobalFit Rewards validates participation in at-home and in-person workouts, and various other wellness activities from virtual meetings with a dietitian to health coaching programs. GlobalFit Rewards offers many value added options, such as real time gym check-in, wearable integration, wellness goal completion and international delivery through a fully translated platform and experience.

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GFA logo

GlobalFit Anywhere is a contemporary fitness app that gives employees and insurance members access to virtual and in-person studio classes, open gym time and personal training sessions, in addition to free on-demand content and curated workouts from top fitness brands in a variety of formats.

GYM360 logo

Gym Network 360 is a curated wellness marketplace that offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products from gym memberships, to virtual subscriptions in Nutrition, Fitness, Pre and Post Natal, Health Coaching and Mindfulness. Gym Network 360 consumers gain access to best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

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WalkMyMind logo

WalkMyMind is a simple, intuitive app that distributes company communications and education as well as other interesting audio content (podcasts) while at the same time, promoting walking. Employees can listen to interesting content, both company sponsored or general topics, while walking and participating in challenges.

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